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Psychology and Public Policy

  • Coralie Chevallier, chargée de recherche à l'INSERM ( Hors EHESS )

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Jeudi de 12 h 30 à 14 h 30 (Sciences Po), du 26 septembre 2019 au 23 janvier 2020

It isn't enough to have the right policy idea: public policies can be well-intended yet fail because they are not received as planned by the public. Governments around the world are thus applying behavioural sciences to improve policy-making by relying on a more realistic model of human behaviour (e.g., Obama's Social and Behavioral Sciences Team, the Behavioural Insight's Team in Downing Street, the EU Policy Lab, etc.). The goal of the class is to introduce basic theories and experimental findings in psychology to foster more innovative policy-making and to improve citizens' well-being. Each class will provide opportunities to identify obstacles created by people's natural biases and to select the right levers to counter these biases. This psychological toolbox will then be put to use to solve concrete public action issues and to potentiate the efficacy of traditional policy levers (regulations, incentives and information).

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