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Education and cognition

  • Daniel Andler, professeur à l'ENS ( Hors EHESS )

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Mercredi (ENS, 24 rue Lhomond 75005 Paris), du 23 septembre 2019 au 20 janvier 2020. Horaires communiqués ultérieurement

This course explores the impact of cognitive studies on education. What can cognitive science contribute to the understanding of education? Can it help improve education in some, or all situations, in what way? How does it relate to educational technologies?

Special attention will be given to ongoing research on learning mechanisms and their neural underpinning, literacy, numeracy, learning disabilities and difficulties. Educational interventions —attempts to improve educational performance— will be examined, in particular the use of evidence. Education can be considered as an exemplary case study for reflecting on the opportunities, limits, conditions and issues of the translation of basic research into practical applications. Education is also an ideal arena for ecological studies in cognitive science, and an opportunity for broadening the view of basic research.

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