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Cognitive science in society

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Lundi de 17 h à 19 h (ENS, 24 rue Lhomond 75005 Paris), du 23 septembre 2019 au 20 janvier 2020

We have learned a lot of about human cognition, but progress has been slow in bringing these insights into the production of goods and services (including social goods). This is likely due to a host of causes, of which we will target three common weaknesses in (cognitive) scientists: We routinely have difficulties (a) diagnosing the cognitively relevant issues in a real-world product; (b) devising feasible solutions based on science knowledge; and (c) communicating with non-scientists and more broadly to a general audience. This class aims to enable cognitive science students to be agents of this change, by providing them with experiences to help them overcome these three weaknesses. Students will be faced with a variety of case studies, typically led by an expert guest working on structures varied in size (from small start-ups to large industries) and goal (social change, health, technology, entertainment, etc.) Additionally, they will engage in group projects, allowing them to apply their newly gained skills in a full cycle of diagnosing, devising solutions, and communicating.

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